Xayer Kotsu

Longtooth Shifter- Ranger Twin Blader



HP-42 AC-14 Fort-17 REF-12 Will-14

STR-20 Con-11 Dex-10 Int-8 Wis-16 Cha-10

5”10’ 175lb Male

Hide Armor Adventurer’s Kit 2-Bastard Swords Healing Pot.


Xayer has been around for the longest of times. However, he never seems to get older. The legend of Xayer is that he lives on forever. It is rumored that some saw him as an Elf and now he is a Longtooth Shifter. The truth is that every Xayer gains the name from the old Xayer. When the old Elf Xayer gave up fighting he had a student training under him. It was the Longtooth Shifter. Finally Old Xayer gave up fighting and gave his blades to the new Xayer known only as Xayer now. So now Xayer goes out to find a new adventure to support the name of Xayer and put the name in history books. Along the way he will find a new student to teach the fighting style of Xayer to him and kepep the name alive. Everyone seems to think that Xayer is immortal because the name has been alive for many years. The fact that he was seen as two different races seems to not come up or it was a simple mistake in identification. No one seems to notice that factor. The main thing about Xayer is that he will attack with speed rather then strength. Doing three attack to an enemies one attack is quite effective. Just remember to give him many attacks and you will be ok.

Xayer Kotsu

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