New Iberia

Darkness in Delzimmer

The heroes were hired by The Crafty Kobold Salvage Company to deliver some unmarked goods to Almros in Delzimmer. After a brief trip from Eartheart to Delzimmer escorting a wagonload of cargo, the PCs are approached by Drosta Ulmarath with an offer to help clean up some of the more unsavory elements of the city. For some time now Drosta has been trying to expose and eliminate a smuggling ring, and he has recently learned that part of their operation is run from a warehouse in the docks. The heroes investigation eventually leads them to a confrontation against Almros, who was the ring leader of smuggling ring, and his band of rogue lackeys. The heroes defeated all obstacle sin their path, dismantling, thoroughly, the smuggling operation and the operation’s captains Dathor the Devastator and Almros, but do not kill them, instead opting to leave them at the mercy of Delzimmer’s justice system.

The civic activist Drosta has spread word of the heroes assistance in leaning up a den of inequity in the city of Delzimmer. The people of the East Rift region now recognize the heroes as someone who has a few strong arms and knows how to get things done.

The smugglers the heroes defeated and the underworld operation they disrupted were not without their benefactors. The heroes humiliating defeat of a here-to-fore unknown up-and-coming crime lord in Delzimmer has caused quite a stir. Who knows how the nefarious powers that operate within the city will react should the heroes return there in the future?



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